European Green Parties Membership Survey

European Green Parties Membership Survey II (EGPM II)

The European Green Party Membership Survey is an academic project with the aim to compare the political background and views of green party members across Europe and around the world. The first cross-national survey of green party members was conducted in 2002-2003 in which members of 18 parties in 15 countries were surveyed.

Further information on this first survey (EGPM I), including a documentation of all questionnaires used and a summary of the main results, can be found here.

Since 2003, green politics has developed further, and thus it seems appropriate to conduct a second round of surveys to analyse the changes and continuities over the last decade. A second green party membership survey - EGPM II - is thus to be launched in 2015. As before, surveys will be conducted on the basis of a ‘common core questionnaire’ involving an identical set of questions to be asked in all countries. This will be supplemented by questions on country/party-specific issues. EGPM II has the support of the European Green Party (EGP). The aim is to conduct surveys of EGP-member parties during the summer and autumn of 2015. It is hoped that the survey can also be extended to other countries with significant green parties around the world. All surveys will be online surveys and will be funded by the School of Government and Public Policy of the University of Strathclyde.

The first party to be surveyed in June/July 2015 is the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW). Membership surveys of green parties in Britain conducted by the University of Strathclyde go back to the early 1990s when a number of membership surveys were undertaken following the Green Party’s 1989 European Election success and a subsequent rise in membership. The 2015 survey will include many questions first asked in 1990 and thus allow a comparison of the motivations and views of green party members over 25 years.

The main results of the survey of 1990 were published in a short book which is available online – just click on the titles below.

Rüdig, W.; Bennie, L.G. and Franklin, M.N. (1991) Green Party Members: A Profile (Glasgow: Delta Publications).

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